Print size and placement

Here you can see the size and options for the placement of your prints.

If you have special requests, you’re welcome to contact us on our tel: +45 3391 1414 or mail

Our production uses mockups as an indicator for which placement and size you want.

If you have finished print-files, your text must be outlined.

With special requests for size (with) on your prints, you must write it in the comment area (write to the production), with details on eventual distance from rubric or sleeve-embroidery.

T-shirt Front

1 + 2: 32(28)cm x 40cm

T-shirt back

1 + 2: 32(28)cm x 40cm

Sweatshirt Front

1 + 2: 32(28)cm x 40cm

Sweatshirt Back

1 + 2: 32(28)cm x 40cm

Zip Hoodie Front

1 + 2: 32(28)cm x 40cm

Zip Hoodie Back

1: 32(28)cm x 40cm

We can maximumly print 32 + 40 cm at a time, but we recommend that you stay within 28 x 40 cm. You have the option of placing your print in one of the two areas (1 or 2) or one print in each area.  



1 + 2: 10cm x 10cm

Neck label

1: 10cm x 8cm

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