How to make the most of your printed Garments

Like all things precious, conscious use and appropriate care of your things help keep them healthy and around for longer. For custom printed garments, this is no different. If you treat your new clothes with love, they will love you right back. 


¤ Cold machine-wash your cloths
¤ Wash inside-out with similar colors
¤ Hang to air-dry out of direct sunlight


¤ Tumble dry
¤ Dry clean
¤ Use hard chemicals such as softeners and bleach
¤ Iron over the print (only on the reverse if you must)

Over time, all fabrics and print will slowly lose their color as they age, but with proper care, you can greatly prolong their shine and vibrancy. Follow our tips and your prints will last to bring you joy for years and years.

If however, you feel that the print hasn't aged as it should have, make sure you give us or the printer/manufacturer of your item a call to figure out what's gone wrong! 

In the end

All good things must come to an end. It's no different for a favorite shirt. However, your garments don't have to end up in a landfill or burned. Consider the following if you wish to share the love and prints you have made.

¤ Donate to your local Second-hand store or homeless shelter
¤ Donate to a garment recycle center
¤ Repurpose your custome printed garment into a homemade bag
¤ Upcycle your shirt into a tent for you pet - they love the scent of you and it gets them out of your closet ;)
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