Who are we?

House Of T-shirts is your direct link to creating, buying, and selling your own designs. Through us, you will find everything you need to express, represent, and share your ideas.

What’s our mission?

House Of T-shirts was created with the mindset that everyone is a designer. Why wait for someone to create the shirt you want when you can make it yourself? Want a shirt with your cherished memory printed just for you? Make it! Want a shirt that makes everyone around you smile? Why not? Your imagination is the limit and together we make it a reality.

Think your family, friends or the world would love your designs, why not sell them? Through us, you can set up your own personalized store and sell your designs just the way you want them. All for free!

You can read more about how you can create and manage your own design store here.

How do we do it?

After 12 years of development, we’ve replaced the traditional print method used since 1440, with the newest digital-print machines which result in better, cheaper, and sharper prints.

Our global responsibility.

By being the only textile-printing firm in the north with a GOTS-certification in hand, we show our commitment to taking care of both people and the environment.

Beyond using eco-certified watercolors, we attach the water-based printworks with airdrying rather than heat machines which is the industry standard. This makes us the textile-printing firm in the world, which has the lowest carbon footprint. In other words, we lead the industry towards a green and sustainable future.  

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