The Global Goals

We support wholeheartedly The Global Goals for a sustainable planet, as the UN 193 countries voted on back in 2015.

The Global Goals are the key to a better future which we can pass on to our children and grandchildren. So far, they are the only collective suggestions for solutions for the problems of this world.

We, at House of T-shirts, incorporate The Global Goas into both our production and everyday life. We have, for example, removed our old gas-oven for drying textiles to instead air-dry them the night over. The only chemicals we use in our production are GOTS-certified, water-based pre-treatment liquids, which makes the textiles ready for print. All our power is supplied from windmill energy. We continuously optimize our production to lower our carbon footprint in accordance with The Global Goals. Our GOTS-certification, which we are very proud of, is also part of this process.

In our everyday workflow, we don’t use plastic cutlery and cups when we invite for coffee or eat lunch. We also only use ecological cleaning products.  

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